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"Reducing Transport Sector CO2 emissions through Market Segment and Geographical Diversification of Electric Vehicles (NEP/OP#/2/07/13)".

project3aFossil fuelled vehicles are contributing for emission of green house gases and local ambient air pollution. Country is bearing loss of billions of rupees on oil imports and increasing health related costs due to deteriorating air quality. In this context, electric vehicles (EVs) has been proven to be one of the most suitable means of transportation in Kathmandu and other Cities of Nepal as EVs use domestic fuel i.e. hydropower and has zero emission.

Shree Eco Visionary Pvt. Ltd. is implementing “Reducing Transport Sector CO2 emissions through Market Segment and Geographical Diversification of Electric Vehicles (NEP/OP#/2/07/13)” project in support with GEF/SGP to increase the number and application of EVs in Nepal.

Project Name Reducing Transport Sector CO2 emissions through Market Segment and Geographical Diversification of Electric Vehicles (NEP/OP#/2/07/13).

Funded by The Global Environment Facility/Small Grants Programme (“GEF/SGP”).

GEF Focal Area Climate Change
Operational Program Operational Program 11- Promoting Environmentally Sustainable Transportation.

Project implementer Shree Eco Visionary Private Limited (SEV)
Project Location Kathmandu, Dharan, Waling, Hetauda.

Project Duration June 2007 to August 2008

Project Rationale and Objectives
Goal: To reduce transport sector’s contribution to net CO2 emissions in Nepal

Purpose: To increase the number and applications of electric vehicles through effective market diversification as a means to reduce transport sector’s dependence on fossil fuels and the associated CO2 emissions.

Project Objectives:
  • Reduce barriers to geographic and market segment diversification of electric vehicles
  • Build capacity and partnerships for effective marketing
  • Demonstrate new market feasibility
  • Increase investments through innovative financing mechanisms.

Project Activities
  1. Policy research and advocacy for EVs promotion and assist concerned authority in drafting guidelines and standards for conversion of old vehicles into EVs
  2. Assess the technological fitness of electric vehicles to meet different market segment needs and make modifications, if necessary, in terms of better looks, comfort, safety, affordability and performance.
  3. Conduct stakeholder and partnership building workshops to provide information on available EVs and market segment.
  4. Pilot operation of EVs in two cities outside of Kathmandu Valley.
  5. Pilot Operation and demonstration of EVs in tourism sector, schools, offices and private use.
  6. Conduct training on marketing, driving and technician in cities where EVs will be introduced for the first time.
  7. Devise innovative concept and model on financial investment for EVs by banks and institutions.

Global and long term environmental Outcomes of the project
  1. project3cGlobal environmental friendly transport system to reduce global CO2 emissions
  2. Local environmental friendly transport system to reduces air pollution
  3. Reduced economic burden to the country by lowering dependency on import of fossil fuel
  4. Reduced health hazards due to better air quality
  5. Better energy security by usage of domestic clean hydropower

Concrete Project Outcomes
  1. project3dDiversified market segment for EVs : tourism, schools, offices and private use
  2. Diversified geographical markets: Waling, Dharan, Hetauda, Pokhara (at least two)
  3. Use of second generation of EVs : electro bus, tourism tempo, converted electric van
  4. Improved perception on EVs
  5. Increased demand for EVs
  6. Employment generation
  7. Increased investment on EVS

Partners and Supporters for the Project
International partner NGO Private sector Local Partner

Winrock Int.



5. HLF


7. Clean air network Nepal

8. Climate change network Nepal

9. Explore Nepal

10. Kathmandu Guesthouse


12. BOK

13. Local entrepreneur

14. Local NGOs

15. Local Government

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