Devlopment of Tourism Electric Vehicles

SEV launched the project named " Development of Tourism Electric Vehicles " in 2005 with the technical and financial support from Kathmandu Electric Vehicle Alliance (KEVA). The primary objective of this project was to demonstrate technical and commercial viability of EVs in tourism sector.

Why tourism electric Vehicles
project1project1 Vehicular emission is considered as the major cause for deteriorating air quality in major cities of Nepal including Kathmandu. Kathmandu is among those polluted Asian Cities that needs serious efforts to improve air quality. Adverse health impacts of air pollution have become a serious concern for local residents as well as tourists. A study conducted by KEVA and KEEP in 2005 showed that nearly 59 % tourist identified vehicular emission as the number one environmental problem in Kathmandu to degrade its air quality. 69% tourists said that the air quality of Kathmandu is very poor. This is very bad for our tourism industry. Because of poor air quality; the visibility in Kathmandu has significantly reduced thus lowering the chances for sight seeing and mountain viewing.

tempo1project1 Electric vehicles are being promoted in Nepal since last ten years as a mean to control vehicular emission. At the moment more than 650 SAFA tempos, batteries operated three wheelers, are plying in roads. These vehicles use clean energy i.e. hydropower produced within country thus lessening the country’s dependency for imported fossil fuel. On the other hand, they are pollution free vehicles. In this connection, there is an urgent need to increase the number of electric vehicles and its application. Tourism sector is among the other potential area where EVs can be introduced.

The Explore Nepal, a leading tourism entrepreneur in Nepal is partner for this initiative. The rigorous consultation with the Explore Nepal and other tourism entrepreneurs were carried out regarding the designing and operation of the tourism electric vehicles. At the end of the project, SEV has become able to manufacture two tourism electric vehicles. Mr. Peter Freere from Engineering Department of Kathmandu University has served as a consultant for the development of this vehicle.The salient features of tourism electric vehicles are:

Improved internal, external as well as mechanical features.
  • Adjustment of roof height to accommodate average tourist height.
  • Adjustment of window design to make it suitable for sightseeing
  • Comfortable seating arrangements
  • Improved exterior design with sleeker look providing separate identity.
  • Consists of changeable gear system.
  • AC drive train is used which provides higher efficiency as well as safety feature by regenerative breaking system.
  • Inbuilt charger so that vehicle can be charged just by plugging into electricity outlet anywhere and anytime.
  • Improved suspension to prevent jerks.
  • Improved lighting system.
  • Can obtain Max speed of 65Km/hr

Currently, the tourism vehicle is being operated by the Explore Nepal to provide services of airport pickup, hotel pick up and sightseeing.

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