What we do?

SEV’s aims to fulfill its mission through:

tempo1Research and development
SEV is actively involved in research and development activities since its establishment to introduce newer technology and improve existing EV technology to make EV industry technically sound and perfect. In 2004, SEV started assembling Three Wheeler Electric vehicle with upgraded Technology AC (Alternative Current) drive and carried out various R & D work on conversions and easy repair mainnenance.SEV successfully converted its first IC engine 1982 model Van in to Electric.

Policy advocacy and mass education to influence policy makers and other relevant stakeholders on creating conducive environment for EVs promotion.

EVs manufacture
SEV is producing three wheelers and four wheelers electric vehicles as per local market need and demand.

Battery Financing and Banking
SEV is implementing battery financing and banking scheme which ensures the regular supply of battery fuel pack for individual EV vehicle owner. The scheme has been started in 2003 when the Electric Vehicle industry was facing severe crisis with respect to supply of battery fuel pack. At that time more than 40 % of Electric Vehicle was grounded due to lack of EV battery finance mechanism. SEV’s is the first Company to start Battery Banking mechanism which provides battery with easy finance for three wheeler Electric vehicle operators.

Operation of battery recharging station and maintenance
Beside, SEV is operating five Battery recharging station in different part of city and operating its fleet of more than 100 vehicles. It is providing the service of maintenance and supply of spare parts for three wheelers

Promotion and trading of two wheeler e-bike and four wheeler family car

SEV having technical knowledge in electric vehicle started to link up trading of two-wheeler and four-wheeler EV’s in Nepal. SEV hopes collaboration with foreign EV-manufacturer/ Distributer in near future and launch new product which can compete fossil fuel vehicle economically and will provide abundant service to average lifestyle in context of Nepal.


News & Events

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